How to Get Out of The Overwhelm 

The CEO Hat Webinar 

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We covered:

• How to determine your roles in the business.

• How to identify your responsibilities in those roles.

• How to choose what you should and should not be doing.

• 9 changes you can make now.

• The benefits: gain more time, money, and consistency.

Overview of webinar
Elite Advisor Barb Stuhlemmer


Barb Stuhlemmer, Systems Expert.

Would you go to a dentist that had rotten teeth?

Of course not.

Because when you want to learn, when you want advice, you want to go to the person who knows what they are talking about; someone that as done it before; someone that walks-the-walk; someone that has achieved personal success themselves. 

Speaker, author, leader of entrepreneurs, Barb Stuhlemmer is a Master Business Strategist. She works to strengthen the business owner's CEO muscle and elevate them from six-figures to seven or more. 

Barb has been in the medical research, device, and software development industries for over 25 years. She has worked in small business for most of her life, alongside many other successful entrepreneurs. She started in sales over 12 years ago and became her own business owner in 2005. Barb runs 3 companies (ClearComm Information Design, BLITZ Business Success, and The CEO Elite), writes for online magazines & blogs, and teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship everywhere she can.


"Barb Stuhlemmer, you were Incredible last night. Thank you for the tools and strategies that you gave the H.U.B Inc Toronto women."

- Mary Morassutti, Founder H.U.B Inc.

"I got a lot done -- fleshed out my 10-year vision for the business and set out my one-year strategy with action steps for the next six months. Special thanks for wise guidance and uplift!"

- Susan Crossman, CEO Crossman Communications

Barb!! You sure know your stuff.

- JaniceRoss, Owner Janice CAROL Cosmetics